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About Our Beef

Edmonton Beef by ACME Meat Market

Locally raised, hormone-free, antibiotic-free, our dry-aged beef is brought in from just outside of the Tofield, Alberta area – grass-fed and grain finished, leaving a well-marbled and tender choice cut of meat. While much of choosing a steak is subject to individual taste palates, some steaks lend themselves very well to barbequing while others take better to marinades. There are a number of factors to keep in mind when choosing cuts of beef for grilling, for example, consider the amount of marbling on the steak as fat = flavor.

If you have any questions about what cut of beef to select or grilling and marinade options, visit ACME Meat Market in Edmonton, we’ll be happy to help!

Misc Cuts Also Provided:

Minced / Ground Beef, Stewing Beef, Spare Ribs, Short Ribs, Brisket, Chinese Fondue, Sausages, Shank, Oxtail, Liver, Heart, Kidney, Cheeks.

Steak Cuts Provided

  • Ribeye
  • Striploin
  • Rib Steak
  • Sirloin
  • T-Bone
  • Beef Tenderloin
  • Flank
  • Flat Iron
  • Minute Steak


Edmonton Beef Steak by ACME Meat Market

In general, the steaks that are the most tender come from the center (rib and loin sections) of the animal and are usually cooked by dry-heat methods. The rib section produces Ribeyes and Prime Rib Steaks. The loin section is comprised of the Striploin and the Tenderloin. The main bone running between the Tenderloin and the Striploin is the T-Bone.

There is a lot to be said about the flavor in tougher cuts of meat that is not present in the more tender cuts. Skirt Steak is a thin, fibrous cut that takes well to dry rubs and marinating. Flank Steak is super lean but needs a little work to make it tender while taking well to marinades but also lending itself to simple grilling. On its own Flat Iron is a relatively tender piece of meat that does well on the grill, broiled or pan-fried.

Roast Cuts Provided

  • Sirloin Tip
  • Hip Roast
  • Prime Rib
  • Standing Rib
  • Striploin
  • Bone-In Rump
  • Cross Rib
  • Chuck

We display roasts whole and then cut them down to the specific size.

Oven & Pot Roasts

Edmonton Beef Roast by ACME Meat Market

Premium oven roasts, including prime rib roast and tenderloin are ideal for holiday entertaining and other special occasions. For everyday family meals, the hip and sirloin cuts are lean and economical. Moderately priced roasts include inside round, outside round, eye of round and bone-in rump.

Pot roast beef becomes fork-tender and develops a savory depth of flavor unique to slow-cooked beef. Pot roasts from the chuck have more fat and thus more flavor than those from the round, but many beef chuck and round cuts can be used interchangeably in pot roast recipes, requiring only slight adjustments in cooking times.

Veal Cuts Provided

  • Chops
  • Cutlets
  • Scalopini
  • Roast
  • Tenderloin
  • Shank
  • Ribeye
  • Ground
  • Bones


We bring in humanely raised, free range veal every 2-3 weeks. Unlike the formula-fed veal prized for its whiteness, which comes from a lack of iron, our free-range veal raised outside of crates is not only rosy or pink in color, but has a delightfully clean, subtle beef taste.

Reserving cuts ahead of time is always recommended.

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