Chicken & Poultry

Hormone & Antibiotic Free
Free-Range and Naturally Raised in Viking, Alberta

Free-range and naturally raised in Viking, Alberta, our chickens are raised without the use of antibiotics. Customers have their choice of select cuts and the opportunity to order whole chickens that are cut and wrapped to their specifications.

And don’t forget to pick up a dozen fresh farm, free-range eggs from Two Hills, Alberta.

Specialty Poultry

ACME Meat Market also carries specialty poultry, fresh or frozen depending on the time of year, by pre-order to ensure availability for the holidays; Duck, Rooster, Goose, Cornish Game Hen, and Turkeys! Contact Us for more information.

Cuts Provided:
  • Bone-In Breast
  • Boneless Breast
  • Boneless Skinless Breast
  • Whole Leg
  • Drums
  • Bone-In Thighs
  • Boneless Skinless Thighs
  • Wings
  • Hot Wings
  • Livers
  • Hearts
  • Ground Chicken
  • Whole Chicken
Opening Hours
Tuesday 10am-5pm
Wednesday 10am-5pm
Thursday 10am-6pm
Friday 10am-6pm
Saturday 9:30am-5pm
Our Location
Ritchie Market 9570 76 Ave NW Edmonton, Alberta T6C 0K2

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