How to Keep Your Body Fit as You Age

August 2, 2022

As people age, their body weakens. Bones become brittle, and muscles become less toned. These changes can affect your health and put you at risk for accidents, such as falls, broken bones, and muscle strain. However, there are ways to keep your body toned and protect yourself against accidents. 


Eating a balanced diet can help your body remain strong and energetic with proper nutrition. For instance, as we age, muscles begin to shrink and weaken. We have to eat the right foods to keep our muscles strong. Protein develops muscles, so a diet rich in protein is necessary to build and maintain muscle mass. Protein is also essential for repairing injured muscles. It provides energy and improves the immune system and brain health. Meat, eggs, and low-fat dairy foods are good sources of protein. 

Keep Moving

Movement is imperative to maintain muscle tone and strength. As we age, we become less active. Too much sitting can be harmful to your health. A sedentary lifestyle can restrict blood flow and affect circulation. It also causes muscle deterioration and a decrease in energy levels. However, it is not wise to go from a sedentary lifestyle to strenuous activity or exercise. Doing so could be harmful. Start with an activity, like walking, to get you moving. 

Increase Flexibility

It is important to stay flexible as you age. Flexibility gives your body more comfort and helps prevent accidents such as muscle strain that may occur from bending or reaching. Yoga and stretching exercises are ways to increase and maintain flexibility as you age. 

Get Plenty of Sleep

People may have difficulty sleeping as they age. Lack of sleep may be due to health conditions, chronic pain, or other physical discomforts. However, sufficient sleep is necessary to provide the energy needed by the body and mind to function properly. Adequate sleep is also necessary for the body to naturally repair itself when suffering from illness or injury. 

Consider Supplements

As we age, it may be necessary to take supplements, such as calcium, to keep our bones strong. As people age, particularly women, they may develop conditions such as osteoporosis. In this condition, the bones become brittle and fragile, which may cause injury. Consult your physician to see whether supplements would be a good option for you. 

Stay Social

Many senior citizens withdraw from social events once their spouse passes away. However, remaining social can help you remain active. Keeping in touch with friends and attending social events can prevent loneliness and depression. People who are happy and social are more likely to be healthy and age gracefully. 

Making a few lifestyle changes can help you stay healthy, strong, and flexible as you age. However, you should always consult your physician before making any dietary changes, engaging in an exercise routine, or taking supplements. Your physician can assess your condition and make recommendations to help you stay strong at any age. 

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