Beer Meets Beef!

December 8, 2022

Ritchie Market Event

Date: Saturday December the 10th
Time: 12:00pm – 4:00pm

Chef Roger Letourneau (owner/operator of LEssig Ferments Inc) will be grilling up ACME MEAT Flat Iron Steaks and Greek Sausages paired with with Biera condiments/cheese (Pumpkin
Mustard & Green Sambal) & Lessig Hot Sauce.

We will have wines from Biera Market that are paired with some of the sampled items.

Menu Overview
Flat Iron Steak, Grilled
Lamb & Pork Greek Sausage, Grilled

Biera Market
Red wine

Les Demoiselles, Font du Loup Châteauneuf du Pape

White wine

Chignin Bergeron, Vin de Savoie

Yukon Meadows, Peated

Pumpkin Mustard & Green Sambal
Garlic Oil & Trappeur Salt
Fleurmier & Stonetown

Riesling and Spiced Pear Liqueur

Habanero Hot Sauce

Join us for the following pairings:

Châteauneuf, Grilled Sausage & Flat Irons

This red wine is often paired with lamb dishes and grilled meats. It should go well with both
dishes due to its round tannins, balanced acidity and fullness. These types of wines are usually
less aggressive in tannins when compared to other full reds and have a nice ripe fruit flavor
without being overbearing. Ca va!
Chignin Bergeron & Cheese
This wine is produced in the Savoie region which makes it a natural pairing with cheese that’s
better off together then apart. Typical of the region is alpine style cheeses and fondue. This wine
is being sold in the Biera basket along with the cheese sampled.
Fabhelles, Sausage, Green Sambal & Hot Sauce
This beer style highlights brininess and is straight to the point. It will go well with the saltiness of
the sausage and spicy foods like Green Sambal & Hot Sauce!
Yukon Meadows Peated, Cheeses, Sausage & Mustard
Dark lagers are great with grilled sausage and have a sweetness that will highlight the pumpkin
in the mustard. The smokiness from the peat will be nice with the grilled beef and beaufort.

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Saturday 9:30am-5pm
Our Location
Ritchie Market 9570 76 Ave NW Edmonton, Alberta T6C 0K2

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