JUST IN TIME TO GET YOUR GRILL ON THIS SUMMER! GRILL, PLEASE! ONLY $225! –regularly $250 SUMMER STEAK SAMPLER ONLY $105! –regularly $120 LOW AND SLOW ONLY $135! –regularly $150 MINI BBQ PACK ONLY $155! –regularly $175

Grass-Fed Beef

Lean, flavourful and good for you. Grass fed beef is more than just tasty, it is a healthy way to eat. What is Grass-Fed Beef? Locally raised beef without antibiotics, added hormones, animal by products or grain and are raised on free range pastures without herbicides or pesticides. Locally sourced, located at the base of the Handhills, …

Beer Meets Beef!

Ritchie Market Event Date: Saturday December the 10thTime: 12:00pm – 4:00pm Chef Roger Letourneau (owner/operator of LEssig Ferments Inc) will be grilling up ACME MEAT Flat Iron Steaks and Greek Sausages paired with with Biera condiments/cheese (PumpkinMustard & Green Sambal) & Lessig Hot Sauce. We will have wines from Biera Market …

How to Keep Your Body Fit as You Age

As people age, their body weakens. Bones become brittle, and muscles become less toned. These changes can affect your health and put you at risk for accidents, such as falls, broken bones, and muscle strain. However, there are ways to keep your body toned and protect yourself against accidents.  Diet …

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